More visibility online

More leads and turnover with Google Ads

Sometimes you need a little push to stand out. We can give you that powerful push through Google ads. We configure targeted campaigns that push your brand or company to the top of search results, so your message reaches the right audience exactly when they are searching for your products or services.

This is what you can expect from us

We increase your online visibility with effective Google Ads campaigns. With us you can count on a personal approach. We like to get to know your company as well as possible, so that we can tailor the campaign to your activities. We also look beyond the advertisements and will not hesitate to suggest optimizations to your website.

What do we do for you?

First and foremost, we configure your advertising account. You already have one? Then we start with a SEA audit. We will then set up one or more campaigns within your target group and region based on the objectives of your company. We look for the keywords that can yield the best results for you and choose a budget that suits you. Finally, we link everything to your website, because we also want to know whether a visitor is valuable to your company. After all, our focus is on generating conversions that result in more turnover.

We measure and optimize

After your campaigns are up and running, it is important that they are closely monitored. Depending on the number of competitors in your target group and/or region, the campaigns must be regularly adjusted to continue to score well. Some companies are also seasonal and we like to respond to that with separate campaigns. We ensure more visibility in Google, relevant traffic to your website and quality conversions.

What should it cost?

With us you pay a fixed amount per month for the management of your campaign(s). What you pay depends on the number of campaigns and/or their complexity. You can outsource your campaigns from €150 (excl. VAT) per month for a small campaign. The average price per customer is €300 per month. On top of that there is the advertising budget (cost per click) that you pay directly to Google. With us you only pay for the hours we perform, so you do not pay any management fees.

Your partner for…

Would you like to generate more conversions? Let’s get started.

You can not only contact us for advertising campaigns, but also for building custom web shops and websites. We specialize in building custom B2C and B2B websites. Both for self-employed people and large companies. Every customer is equally important to us.

We can’t wait to tell your story. Send us an email, call us or fill out this form and we will schedule an appointment!